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Sold at Auction: George William Sotter

Alias:George W. Sotter
Landscape painter


Pennsylvanian Impressionist artist George William Sotter was born in Pittsburgh in 1879 and studied there under mentor Henry Keller. The subjects of George William Sotter's early paintings were factory workers and mills. He was also a talented stained glass artist, creating windows for churches and monasteries across the nation and eventually opening his own stained glass studio in Maine.

Artist George William Sotter began teaching design and painting at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1910. He continued to paint during this time, and in 1915, he won the silver medal at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Nighttime landscape prints of quaint American dreamlike scenes, such as sleepy towns and peaceful country homes, are among George William Sotter's artwork for sale. Browse oil paintings for sale online at Invaluable to add to your personal gallery.
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