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Landscape painter

Musician and artist John Squire created the cover art for all of his music albums, including those released during his time as a guitarist with the Stone Roses. Though most people know artist John Squire for his music, his early paintings have been compared to those of Jackson Pollock. Squire is always searching for different mediums, and has created pieces in color-field, oil paint, block print, and used clothing.

John Squire artwork created in color-field style includes 15 pieces he did in 2006, using fewer colors than in earlier paintings that featured bright, loud, pigments. In 2009, he exhibited pieces made with oil, wax, lead, and rusting steel. John Squire art prints for sale may include hand-carved block prints that he created using an almost abstract style. Regardless of your artistic preferences, stretch your boundaries by finding first-rate prints for sale at Invaluable that match any aesthetic sensibility.

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