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Sold at Auction: Mads Stage

Alias:Mads Gerhard Stage


Artist Mads Stage was born in 1922 in Copenhagen, Denmark. As an artist, Mads Stage cast a wide net, producing designs and decorations for items ranging from books and postcards to porcelain and textiles. He also produced illustrations for several world-renowned books, including Thoreau's Walden and Turgenev's The Hunter's Sketches.  

Stage received his training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Following his education, he produced work for multiple fields, including scientific drawings for the medical industry and landscape paintings of famous cities and regions. Though he displayed mastery in several mediums, Stage's preferred subjects were scenes of animals, birds, and other wildlife, which appear frequently in his work. You can find Mads Stage drawings and lithographs, along with many other collectible drawings for sale at Invaluable
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