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Sold at Auction: Ben Stahl

Alias:Benjamin Albert Stahl
Portrait painterWall painterLithographerIllustrator


Author and artist Ben Stah was a pioneer whose specialty was figural paintings. Stahl was the originator of the Journey into Art with Ben Stahl series on public television in 1976. Additionally, Stahl did the illustrations and covers for many magazines and books, including two novels he wrote. He did over 750 illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post, and was one of the founders of the Famous Artists School, which taught drawing via correspondence courses. As an artist, Ben Stahl received commissions by such varied clients as MGM, the United States military, and the Catholic Church.

Ben Stahl paintings prices have remained remarkably stable, and can be found easily at auction. Ben Stahl's joy of painting showed in his approach. He said, "I want my paintings to excite the senses." Find your joy by viewing many excellent figural paintings for sale by various artists online at Invaluable.
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