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Stanley Devon


Stanley Devon (1907-1995)
Stanley Devon began his career as a press photographer at Keystone in 1923 before moving to Associated Press in 1932. It was in 1935, that Devon began his long association with the Kemsley Newspaper Group working for the Daily Sketch and Sunday Graphic until 1957. His eminent work there was only interrupted when he left for active service in the war in 1939, re- joining the company in 1945.
In November 1957, Devon joined The Sunday Times, then owned by Kemsley Newspapers, as a staff photographer and remained there until his retirement in late December 1973 after completing fifty distinguished years as a press photographer.
Devon built a reputation for his work photographing the British royal family during his career, but like all great press photographers of that era he consistently produced exemplary work whatever the brief was. He was equally comfortable capturing sporting events as celebrity studio portraits or street photography.
Devon was twice awarded the British press photographer of the year becoming the first winner in 1948 and winning for the second time in 1950. In 1969 he was awarded the M.B.E at Buckingham Palace. (News UK Archives).

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