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Mark Stewart began drawing about the age of 5, but did not begin painting until after graduation from college. He received his only formal training from two drawing classes while attending Texas A&M University. Most of his early works were pencil and charcoal sketches, which reflect the influence of his college drawing class professor, Joseph Donaldson, and the work of E.M. Schewitz.For the most part Mark Stewart is self taught, drawing experience from careful studies of the works of painters like Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper. Concerning his subject matter, he likes to emphasize the simpler things, which suggest use by people, a time or an atmosphere. With his realistic style, he breaks from the current trends in American art toward abstraction and expressionism. With a deep personal faith he believes he has a basis from which to verify and depict reality. His goal is to not slavishly copy nature, but to observe and create an interpretation consistent with true reality and his personal experience.Since 1980, when Stewart began commercial exhibitions of his watercolors, he has had many One Man Exhibitions of his work. He has been featured in Southwest Art, American Artist, Art Talk Magazine and US Art. Along with commercial exhibitions, his work has been shown at the Museum of Art of the American West, the University Center Galleries at Texas A&M University, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Tucson Museum of Art, Albuquerque Museum of Art and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.Since 1988, New York Graphic Society and Bruce McGaw Graphics have been printing a selection of his paintings for world wide distribution.
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