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Sold at Auction: Zami Steynovitz

Alias:Zamy SteynovitzZalman SteynovitzZami Stejnovitz


Showing talent from an early age, Polish-born artist Zamy Steynovitz used rich, vibrant color in his works after a trip to South America in the 80s increased his interest in bright, colorful subjects. Zamy Steynovitz's originals include serigraphs, which are created through a silkscreen by placing a stencil on the fabric and forcing ink through areas that are stencil-free.

Due to his dedication to peace, Steynovitz was well-known by the Nobel Institute for Peace in Norway and was acquainted with many world leaders and talented artists throughout his life. As an artist, Zamy Steynovitz often reflected his devotion to world peace through his work, and he drew a connection to his physical surroundings and heritage through paintings and serigraphs. Multiple galleries across the world have pieces of his impressionist art for sale in various mediums from paintings to Zamy Steynovitz prints for sale. You'll find rare serigraph prints online at Invaluable to suit any taste.
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