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American artist Don Stivers was born in 1926, and as a youngster, discovered his passion for art. He studied at the California College of the Arts in Oakland. His interest in American history and skill at creating photo-realistic artwork led to a series of paintings on the Westward Expansion. His other projects included many intricate depictions of the Civil War and the relatively unexplored subject of the Buffalo Soldiers. These Don Stivers limited edition prints, which included A Day of Honor and The Redoubtable Sergeant, were in high demand, with some selling out within hours.

Artist Don Stivers' original paintings are displayed across many U.S. forts, including Belvoir, Wainwright, and the Pentagon, and in public museums and private collections of military art. He worked mainly in oils and tempera and thoroughly researched the background to each of his paintings. View a variety of collectible lithographs for sale online at Invaluable
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