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Despina Stokou (1978-)

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  • DESPINA STOKOU - 12/14/13 , 2014

  • DESPINA STOKOU | CPA89825.06.2014HKG-KLAX (1_11)

Despina Stokou Biography

Despina Stokou was born in Athens in 1978. She lives in Berlin since 2002. Parallel to her work as an artist, she currently organizes shows and events in Grimmuseum www.grimmuseum.com, is the editor of PIGS www.bpigs.com , a guide for Artist Run projects in Berlin and writes the weekly blog Pigs Tips. Despina Stokou first entered a plane, as a baby of 3 months and thus a long phase in her life of getting sick during every landing. She managed to control this habit, at the age of 11, on her first unaccompanied flight to Vienna, by eating pop corn non stop.

She went in an English speaking Kindergarten in Saudi Arabia, a German speaking high school in Athens; her first word was giraffe. She is fascinated with quotes and dicta, but she has a very weak memory and can rarely repeat anything unless she has written it down. Her art teacher asked her to be more spectacular, her psychoanalyst asked her to be more precise. The only thing she can be precise about seems to be color.

A passionate opinion giver and a lover of long emails, she will keep her silence when asked; what is it you really want to say with this.

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Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

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