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Sold at Auction: Fred Stone

Alias:Frederick? Stone


Known as the most famous painter of horses in the world, artist Fred Stone developed a passion for his craft in the mid-1970s. Unhappy with the commercial art business, he learned about horse racing from his daughter, and soon formed the Equinart studio with his wife Norma. Portraits of racing legends Man O' War, Seabiscuit, Cigar, Secretariat, and jockeys Julie Krone and Bill Shoemaker, to name a few, have since become prized American art for private collectors and world leaders.

Along with highlighting Triple Crown and Breeders Cup moments, artist Fred Stone's American prints show the bond between people and horses (Forever Friends and Dancers) and between themselves (First Day, and The Arabians). The artwork of Fred Stone also extends to public murals, such as the Las Vegas Paris Hotel's Longchamp, and to poignant prints, like Partners. He often contributes proceeds from his American art for sale to philanthropic and animal charities. Adorn your home with fascinating animal prints, available from online auctions.
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