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Sold at Auction: Max Streckenbach

Alias:Max Th. Streckenbach
FrüchtemalerFlower painterPainter


German artist Max Streckenbach started his painting career in 1902, at the age of 37. He was mostly self-taught, taking only a few lessons with his mentor, French artist Fantin-Latour. The majority of Max Streckenbach's oil paintings depict vivid bouquets of flowers in vases, a clear nod to his love of botany. He took special care to add the fallen petals and wilted flowers as well, adding a realistic ambiance to his paintings.

While poppies and other flowers were his signature subjects, artist Max Streckenbach's portfolio included portraiture, fruit, and landscapes. Prints of some of his paintings were used as cover art for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and these are among Max Streckenbach's artwork for sale. Browse carefully constructed still life paintings for sale online at Invaluable, and add some vibrant interest to your collection.
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