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Sold at Auction: Juriaen van Streeck

Alias:Juriaan "van" StreeckJuriaen "van" StreeckJuriaen "van" Streek
Still life painterPortrait painter


Juriaen van Streeck or Juriaan van Streek (29 February 1632, in Amsterdam[1] – buried 12 June 1687, in Amsterdam[2]) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of still lifes.
Juriaen van Streek was born in the year 1632 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1653 he married Grietje Claes. The couple lived in several locations in the Jordaan then moved to Prinsengracht. They had nine children,[3] three were buried young.[4] When Van Streeck died he was an innkeeper in Kerkstraat.
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