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British artist John Strevens (b.1902) was famous for his depictions of Edwardian-era female forms, accented with pastel-colored flowers in the background. As a worker in both newspaper publishing and illustration studios, he was disenchanted with his work. It wasn't until he quit his position at the paper, at the onset of WW II, that he began doing portraiture of women. Busts of women in elaborate hats or enjoying social settings are prominent subjects among John Strevens' prints.

Later in his career, his daughters at play were a frequent source of inspiration and subject matter in John Strevens' paintings for sale. His piece, The Three Princesses, featuring three of his four daughters, was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in 1947 and is still found among John Strevens' prints online. Purchase incredible portrait paintings for sale at Invaluable to add exquisite beauty to your mantel.
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