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In the early days, industrious artist Harris Strong benefited from the inspiration and financial assistance of his aunt, Henrietta Strong. He enrolled at NC State, where he majored in chemical engineering to understand the science of glazing. After serving during World War II, he completed his degree and enrolled in ceramic classes at New York University. While working as an engineer at Brooklyn's Kelby Pottery, he and Kelby's chief designer, Robert Krasner, partnered to form the Potters of Wall Street.

After Potters of Wall Street dissolved, artist Harris Strong worked for American Art Industries, but never abandoned his dream of having his own company. He formed Harris G. Strong, Inc., in 1950, where he created award-winning decorative ceramic pieces. With the growing popularity and demand of Harris Strong's paintings and artwork for sale, his business achieved international success. Collectible works of ceramic tiles are for sale at Invaluable and at auction.
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