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Sold at Auction: Gilbert Stuart

Alias:Gilbert StewartGilbert Charles Stuart
Portrait painterMiniature painter


Artist Gilbert Stuart, who was born in 1755, was America's most celebrated, most talented portraitist. The best-known Gilbert Stuart painting is his unfinished portrait of George Washington, known as the Athenaeum, which he started in 1796, but was still incomplete when he died. In between, Stuart was busy reproducing that portrait and completing his oeuvre of more than 1,000 portraits of celebrated Americans, including the first six U.S. presidents.

Artist Gilbert Stuart had an easy manner with his subjects, and although slow in his work, was commissioned again and again because he recreated exacting, natural likenesses that pleased the eye of his patrons. He used bold, florid, bravura brushstrokes in oil, lending an illustrious appearance to Gilbert Stuart's portrait subjects. Explore the hundreds of other styles of portrait paintings for sale at Invaluable or at auction.
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