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Sold at Auction: George (1724) Stubbs

Alias:George (1724) Stubbs
Sport painterPainterAnimal painterPorträtmalerEtcher


Born in England in 1724, artist George Stubbs was self-taught, and parleyed his avid interest in anatomy and musculature into tremendously accurate representations of people and animals, especially horses. His reputation was secured at an early age when he illustrated Anatomy of the Horse, which led to his continued employment and remained his main specialty throughout his life. George Stubbs' paintings have a naturalistic and detailed style that instantly evokes the pastoral English countryside with all its wildlife and gentry.

Over time, George Stubbs' paintings, rendered in his meticulous style, made him one of the nation's most renowned painters of horses. He was commissioned by aristocracy throughout Britain, securing his place in history and earning enough to live comfortably in London until his death in 1806. Stubbs' horse prints, along with other domestic animal and wildlife oil paintings, are for sale online and at auction.
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