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b. 1920 - d. 2001

British-born artist Eric Sturgeon developed a love for art as a schoolboy, but the Great Depression put an end to his thoughts of becoming an artist. However, as a prisoner of war during World War II, his interest in drawing was rekindled when he began to sketch his fellow prisoners. Following the war, he studied at a local art college and became a commercial artist, working for newspapers across the country.

His focus eventually turned to watercolors, specifically depicting scenes of rural villages, such as those in his native Somerset. As a watercolor artist, Eric Sturgeon's first show was a great success, as every painting sold, and this led to an opportunity for him to create limited edition pieces. Today, it's still possible to find Eric Sturgeon prints and paintings for sale at auction, and collectors can also find other sought-after watercolor paintings for sale at Invaluable.

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