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The controversial nature of Jock Sturges' photography belies the motives driving the artist. Jock Sturges' artwork, which frequently features nude girls, may seem exploitative to the casual observer. Indeed, his work was the focus of both an FBI investigation and the protests of conservative groups. Sturges, who was born in New York City in 1947, studied perceptual psychology before earning his master's degree in photography. Perceptual psychology examines how humans conceptualize their world. Jock Sturges' photography explores the questions raised by this field, particularly as they relate to human sexuality. 

Prints by Jock Sturges depict nude girls and their families in natural settings like the beaches of California and France. By developing strong bonds with his subjects and their families, Sturges frequently photographed the same subjects over the years, chronicling their emerging sexuality. Admirers of the human form will find tasteful nude photography for sale online at Invaluable.
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