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Alabama artist Jimmie Lee Sudduth created his first painting at the age of three while searching for medicinal herbs with his mother. Taking a mix of honey and mud, the young artist painted on a tree stump. As an adult, he used his fingers and mud mixtures containing additives such as sugar, molasses, coca-cola, and coffee grinds to produce paintings on wood. By incorporating berries, rocks and leaves into the mud, he produced colors. Known as an Outsider Artist, Jimmie Lee Sudduth is self-taught. Painter Jimmie Lee Sudduth figural paintings for sale include self-portraits, musicians, friends, and the Toto paintings, tributes to the artist's beloved canine companions (all named Toto) throughout his 97 years. Enjoy the stirring beauty of Outsider Art in folk and ethnic African-American paintings online and at auction.
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