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Susie Petyarre


Susie Petyarre paints exquisite fine lined works, braided with meticulous threads of paint, depicting her abstract interpretation of the sacred plants near the special women's cave in the heart of her Alyawarre country.

Susie and her younger sisters, Annie and Jessie Petyarre, apply the paint through fine needles and regularly create beautiful works of art.

Born in 1966, in Irrultja, Utopia, Susie started painting at Delmore in April 1989 and was initially influenced by early, powerful ceremonial paintings by Lily Sandover Kngwarreye. In the last few years she and her sisters have developed their own unique, fine lined work.

Susie's brother, Sandy, is an artist and her mother, Molly Pwerle, is the sister of celebrated painter, Minnie Pwerle. Susie paints awelye, sugar bag (wild honey) and Enteebra.

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