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Joseph Noël Sylvestre Sold at Auction Prices

Painter, Historical-scenes painter

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    • Joseph-Noel Sylvestre (1847-1926) - Attributedsold
      Jun. 29, 2023

      Joseph-Noel Sylvestre (1847-1926) - Attributed

      Est: €400 - €800

      Joseph-Noel Sylvestre (1847-1926) - Attributed. Historical scene with barbarians and a philosopher. Oil on canvas. Probably signed centre left and dated 1890 in a highly decorative frame. 100 x 74 cm.

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    • Joseph Noël Sylvestre (French, 1847-1926). 'The Cesold
      Mar. 21, 2019

      Joseph Noël Sylvestre (French, 1847-1926). 'The Ce

      Est: £300 - £500

      Joseph Noël Sylvestre (French, 1847-1926). 'The Cellar Man', oil on canvas, signed, 53cm x 36cm. .

    • Jos. Sylvestre, Fr., 1847-1926, 3 Musketeers, O/Csold
      Oct. 12, 2016

      Jos. Sylvestre, Fr., 1847-1926, 3 Musketeers, O/C

      Est: $2,000 - $3,000

      Joseph Noel Sylvestre, French, 1847-1926, Les Trois Mousquetaires, oil on canvas, signed left, partially obscured by the frame.(GOMB7000)(TC) Measurements:18x18 oval, framed 26x26 Property Title:From a Simsbury CT home Condition: good

      Litchfield Auctions
    • Joseph Noel Sylvestre (1847-1926) A merry time,sold
      Jul. 18, 2012

      Joseph Noel Sylvestre (1847-1926) A merry time,

      Est: £600 - £800

      Joseph Noel Sylvestre (1847-1926) A merry time, signed, oils on canvas, 28" x 23"

    • Joseph No‰l Sylvestre (1847-1926)sold
      Nov. 14, 2002

      Joseph No‰l Sylvestre (1847-1926)

      Est: $3,100 - $4,650

      The collector signed 'J.N Sylvestre' (lower right) oil on panel 28 7/8 x 231/4 in. (73.5 x 59 cm.).

    • Joseph Noel Sylvestre (French, 1847-1926)sold
      May. 22, 1997

      Joseph Noel Sylvestre (French, 1847-1926)

      Est: $40,000 - $60,000

      Franois Rude working on L'Arc de Triomphe signed 'J.N. Sylvestre' lower left oil on canvas 66 x 38 1/4in. (168.5 x 97cm.) NOTES The Arc de Triomphe is a "modern" monument based upon the architectural heritage of Ancient Rome. This giant arch was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 to honour those who had fought for the glory of France. Jean Franois Chalgrin was the appointed architect of this monumental structure which is like a cathedral in both its size and its sculptural adornement. Construction of the arch, abandoned during the Restoration, was in fact completed in 1836 by Louis Philippe. The surrounding square with its radiating avenues was Hausmann's invention of 1854. Of the five sculptors involved in the statuary of each facade it is Rude who is best known, made famous by his masterpiece - "the Departure of the volunteers in 1792", more commonly known as "la Marseillaise" that faces the Champs-Elyses. Considered the "greatest French sculptor of the (Romantic) period" (W. Vaughan, Romantic Art, p. 270), Franois Rude began his artistic career as an admirer of David. Like David he was an ardent Bonapartiste and in 1814 followed him in exile returning to France in 1828. In spite of his rigorous classical training his Departure of the Volunteers is an homage to former heroism sculpted in the expressive language of the Romantic movement. The absolute civic theme is that of the sacrifice of each individual to protect "la Libert" being the keystone of the nation. The female winged figure is the "gnie de la guerre" sending forth her battle cry to rally the volunteers. "La composition dynamique, equilibre et persuasive et digne de David; la puissance des figures et les contrastes d'expression un peu brutaux, ou pltot sans concessions envers la biensance, voquent Gricault; il y a du Gros, voire du Delacroix, dans certaines details pittoresques...le sculpteur devient pote dans une forme d'art austre dont le materiau exige une stupefiante virtuoisit..." (D. Rabreau, "La Sculpture Franais au 19me sicle", Paris Grand Palais, April 10 - July 18, 1986. Sylvestre depicts Rude matter-of-factly. In this realist and anecdotal work the sculptor's relaxed pose contrasts with the dramatic and violent figure behind him. Rude is the artisan as much as the artist, taking a break to smoke his pipe as if unaware of the legendary masterpiece he is creating.

    • SYLVESTRE, Joseph Noel (1847-1926, French)sold
      May. 22, 1997

      SYLVESTRE, Joseph Noel (1847-1926, French)

      Est: -

      Francois Rude working on L'Arc de Triomphe, s. Oil Painting (38x66in).

    • SYLVESTRE, Joseph Noel (1847-1926, French)sold
      Oct. 11, 1995

      SYLVESTRE, Joseph Noel (1847-1926, French)

      Est: -

      The three musketeers, s. Oil Painting (29x36in).

    • SYLVESTRE, Joseph Noel (1847-1926)sold
      Jan. 04, 1995

      SYLVESTRE, Joseph Noel (1847-1926)

      Est: $1,000 - $1,500

      Three muskateers Oil/canvas 143,3 x 11,4 inches (364.0 x 29.0in) Signed upper right Illustrated.

      Mystic Fine Arts
    • SYLVESTRE, JOSEPH NO‰L (1847-1926)sold
      Oct. 22, 1989

      SYLVESTRE, JOSEPH NO‰L (1847-1926)

      Est: -

      Retour de la chasse, 1905, 1905 oil/canvas 88.6x80.8 in (225x205 cm) signed & dated (Lower Left).

    • SYLVESTRE, JOSEPH NO‰L (1847-1926)sold
      Oct. 22, 1989

      SYLVESTRE, JOSEPH NO‰L (1847-1926)

      Est: -

      Gentilhomme a la pipe, 1905, 1905 oil/canvas 88.6x78.8 in (225x200 cm) signed & dated (Lower Right).

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