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Nechama Szmuszkowicz (1895-1977)

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  • Szmuszkowicz, Nechama

  • Nechama SZMUSZKOWICZ (1895 - 1977) VOYAGEUR SOLITAIRE, 1930 Huile sur toile

  • Neechama Szmuszkowicz (1895-1977) - Composition, 1926

  • Nechema SZMUSZKOWICZ (Mir 1895- Paris 1977)

Nechama Szmuszkowicz Biography

Nechama Szmuszkowicz (* 1895 in Odessa , † 1977 in Paris ) was a Ukrainian-French painter , graphic artist and puppeteer .

Nechama Szmuszkowicz studied painting from the Odessa Academy from 1915 to 1920. She worked closely with the artist Alexandra Exter . In 1925, the Jewess moved to Paris. Analytical cubist works emerged under the influence of Fernand Léger . In 1931 she exhibited parallel non-representational works in Paris. Nechama Szmuszkowicz, with her abstract visual technique, created visual and spiritual experiences, which placed important preconditions for abstract art after 1945. During the German occupation her studio was destroyed and numerous works plundered or robbed. In 1977 Nechama Szmuszkowicz died in Paris.

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Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

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