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Sold at Auction: Rufino Tamayo

Alias:Rufino Arellanes Tamayo
PainterWood cutterLithographerSculptor


Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo was born in 1899. In 1917, Tamayo enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Mexico City. After three years, unhappy with the classical art program, he taught himself through experimentation. He developed a keen interest in pre-Columbian art when he was a department head at the National Museum of Archaeology in Mexico City.

In 1926, Tamayo relocated to New York, frequently making trips to his homeland of Mexico. Rufino Tamayo's paintings show the influence of Abstract and Expressionist styles, and he was greatly influenced by Picasso and Georges Braque. As well as paintings, RufinoTamayo also sculpted and developed his print-making techniques. Rufino Tamayo's abstracts for sale include Trovador, which sold for $7,209,000 in 2008. Browse collectible abstracts for purchase online and bring home paintings displaying Surrealism infused with art styles of indigenous cultures.
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