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Sold at Auction: Antoni Tàpies

Alias:Antoni Tapies PuigAntonio Tapies PuigAntoni TàpiesAntonio Tapies
PainterCollage ArtistLithographerSculptor


(b Barcelona, Spain, 1923) Spanish Modern Artist/Sculptor. Bed ridden as a child, due to a lung disease, Tapies began to draw and paint. This hobby eventually became his passion and he departed from his studies of law at Barcelona University, in 1946, to purse his love for art. Greatly influenced by the political conflicts of his era, Tapies created abstract paintings in response to WWII. Over the decades, his work has evolved based on influences from fellow artists such as Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso. In the 1980s, Tapies started to experiment with sculpture. The Antoni Tapies Foundation was created in 1984 with the objective to support the continuation of modern art.
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