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Mohammad Ali Taraghijah (1943 – August 12, 2010) was an Iranian painter, his work often featured rural, Iranian, landscape imagery.

Born 1943 in Tehran, Iran. He graduated from the College of Science & Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, yet his heart was set on creating art. He participated in the Iran National Art Competition in 1968 and he won the Golden Award that year. In 1970 he returned to Tehran and decided to take up painting professionally.

In 1994, the Teheran Museum of Contemporary Arts selected some of his works for the museum collection and printed a collection of these works. In 1998, UNICEF selected two of his paintings for their Christmas cards.

His beautiful works have been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, United States and Japan. His paintings were selected by the International Museum of 20th Century Arts (TIMOTCA) to present Iran’s art.

His son, Ali Taraghijah is also a contemporary painter[4] and his elder son, Mohammad Taraghijah is an architect.
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