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Sold at Auction: Margaret Tarrant

Alias:Margaret W. Tarrant


Artist Margaret Tarrant is best known for two things: her children's book illustrations and her religious paintings. Her father Percy was a landscape artist. She studied art teaching but turned to commercial art when she was 20. At that time, she was commissioned to illustrate The Water Babies, a book by Charles Kingsley, and some postcards for the prestigious Oxford University Press. Commissions for other children's books followed, and she was active until the late 1950s, when her health began to fail. The Medici Society reproduced many Margaret Tarrant paintings with religious or scriptural themes as either postcards or prints.

Artist Margaret Tarrant illustrated well over 20 books, along with numerous calendars and postcards. Many of Margaret Tarrant's prints and posters were donated by her to raise funds during World War II. Find many attractive and interesting vintasge watercolor paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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