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Artist Robert Taylor is a renowned painter of aviation art, particularly the WW II European theater, with realistic depictions of engagements between the Luftwaffe and RAF or lonely, battle-damaged B-17s returning to base. Robert Taylor prints include lithographs of oils or giclee on canvas, and they have elevated the genre of aviation painting into a fine art.

As an artist, Robert Taylor is a meticulous researcher who paints aircraft exactly as they would have appeared in battle, with strafing scars and stains from damaged oil and fuel tanks. Robert Taylor artwork for sale also covers maritime paintings, including historical nautical engagements, and his work is featured in many of the world’s most respected military museums. His limited edition prints are highly valued and available in a wide array of galleries across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Other distinctive lithographs for sale at Invaluable capture important historical scenes as well.
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