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Illustrator, Calligrapher

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      • * Tempest (Margaret, 1892-1982). Gipsy Rabbit stirring a pot cooking on an open fire in a field with a tent beside her,sold
        Dec. 15, 2017

        * Tempest (Margaret, 1892-1982). Gipsy Rabbit stirring a pot cooking on an open fire in a field with a tent beside her,

        Est: £400 - £600

        watercolour on paper within a painted double-rule border, signed in pencil lower left, 70 x 115 mm, framed and glazed - Quantity (1)

        Dominic Winter Auctions
      • [ BOOK ]sold
        Jun. 19, 2008

        [ BOOK ]

        Est: £300 - £400

        Tempest (Margaret, 1892-1982). Little Grey Rabbit holding a book, on a moonlit walk against a wintry landscape, watercolour, 98 x 98 mm, mounted Margaret Tempest studied at Ipswich School of Art, Westminster School of Art, and the Royal Drawing Society, and she was co-founder and honorary secretary of the Chelsea Illustrators Club. She was a prolific illustrator of children's books (her own and other people's), and worked for the Medici Society in the 1920s and 1930s, producing nursery friezes and postcards featuring animals and teddy bears. She is best remembered for her delicate watercolour illustrations for Alison Uttley's Little Grey Rabbit books, in which the influence of Beatrix Potter can be seen. Margaret Tempest had a difficult relationship with Alison Uttley, and author and illustrator held a long-running dispute over who was the primary begetter of the Little Gray Rabbit character. (1)

        Dominic Winter Auctions
      • Margaret Mary Tempest (1892-1982)sold
        Jul. 03, 1998

        Margaret Mary Tempest (1892-1982)

        Est: $660 - $990

        Little Grey Rabbit with Mole, Hare, Squirrel and other Friends drawn for "Hare joins the Home Guard" signed 'Margaret Tempest' watercolour 33/4 x 33/4in. (9.5 x 9.5cm.) and two other similar watercolours drawn for "Moldy Warp the Mole" and "Water-rat's Picnic" see colour illustration (3) NOTES Hare joins the Home Guard published 1942, Moldy Warp the Mole published 1940 and Water-rat's Picnic published 1943 by Alison Uttley. These illustrations were additional works that were not finally published in the afore mentioned books.

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