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Sold at Auction: David (1610) Teniers

Alias:David (1610) TeniersDavid (2) TeniersDavid (ml.) Teniers
PainterLandscape painterGenre PainterPortrait painter


Flemish artist David Teniers was born in 1610, and he studied under his father, David Teniers, the Elder, who was a historical painter. Peasants, still-life, mythical, and allegorical themes were all subjects in painter David Teniers, the Younger's portfolio. His images of alchemists, biblical figures, and witches were not as common as his colorful scenes depicting the daily life of peasants. Most of the David Teniers figural paintings for sale were transformed into 18th century tapestry designs. By the early 1650s, he had secured a position as the official painter at the Brussels court. Though artist David Teniers was a gifted painter, there are only three pupils on record who studied with him. Find interpretations of daily life throughout history by viewing realistic figural paintings online, and purchase a piece with features that speak to you.
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