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Thomas (1801) Cole


Alias: Thomas (1801) Cole

Painter, Wood cutter

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Artist Thomas Cole painted the wild landscapes of America with a roughness that mirrored reality. Felled trees, rocky paths, natural imperfections, and zigzagging rivers were all included in raw detail in Thomas Cole's paintings. His realism in landscapes made him a pioneer during the 1800s, but prior to this work, his landscape paintings often looked idealistically picture perfect. Some of the most recognizable and sought-after pieces of Thomas Cole's artwork were produced when he traveled to Europe in 1829.

Thomas Cole's paintings reflect a less developed America and Europe, providing a glimpse into the past. Cole eventually went on to help cofound the National Academy of Art, and he mentored other artists toward the end of his career. You can view other historical landscape paintings for sale online to find your next great work of art.

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