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Alias:Thomas ThomsonTom John Thomson
Landscape painter


Tom Thomsom, an artist known for his paintings of Ontario’s Algonquin Park and other landscapes, was an influential Canadian artist born in 1877. Before committing to painting as a full-time career in his 30s, he tried to enlist in the military, worked as an apprentice to a machinist, enrolled and then dropped out of business school, and then worked as a photo engraver.

Though Tom Thomsom was an artist who never achieved much recognition during his life, he is known for the influence he had on a band of famous Canadian landscape artists called The Group of Seven. 

The West Wind, Northern Lights, Jack Pine, and Northern River are among the most famous Tom Thomsom paintings and prints. Buy collectible landscape paintings at Invaluable to bring a little bit of the outside into your home.  
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