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Sold at Auction: Xiongquan Ding

Alias:Xiongquan DingHsiung-ch'uan Ting


Self-taught artist Walasse Ting was born in China in 1929 and immigrated to America in 1958. His abstract oil paintings, created early in his career, were intense and colorful. Walasse Ting paintings often consisted of Chinese calligraphy and swathes of brightly colored acrylics that filled all the white space.

Famous artist Andy Warhol was a friend of his, and he, along with other artists, completed illustrations for a book of poetry Ting wrote. Walasse Ting's paintings and prints show his love of food, life, and popular culture with bold hues and sharp lines. Later in his career, when Ting developed an interest in figural paintings, his pieces included more nudes, specifically, women in dramatic poses. Art lovers can find other rare abstract paintings for sale online and at auction.
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