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Gert Tobias and Uwe Tobias (born 1973) are twin brothers working as a collaborative duo of visual artists.

The brothers were born in Brasov, Romania; they live and work in Cologne. They are known for their woodcut prints as well as relief sculptures, drawings using typewriters, watercolours and ceramics. Their work centres on their Romanian heritage and the myth and legend that is associated with that area, such as the story of Dracula. They combine their native history with elements of contemporary graphic design, camp horror films and abstract art.

An untitled installation shown at the Frieze Art Fair in 2007 paired shuffleboard motifs with the aesthetics of Russian Constructivism while suggesting as its subject several variations of a creation story. It consisted of preliminary drawings made using a typewriter threaded with black and red ribbon, collages, ceramic trophy figurines, and large color woodblock prints on paper. This installation was remounted by Team Gallery at their Wooster Street location in 2012.
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