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Theo Tobiasse’s early childhood was greatly impacted by his family’s move from Israel to Paris and the Nazi occupation of France. He and his family lived in hiding for two years during WW II, and Tobiasse immersed himself in art, building the foundation of a highly successful career as a painter and sculptor.

He presented his paintings for the first time in 1961 at Palais de le Mediterranee, winning the grand prize; this ultimately led him to focus on his paintings full time. Theo Tobiasse’s paintings and lithographs are known for their Expressionistic style and bold use of color. They portray people and buildings, and evoke a religious theme.

The most famous Theo Tobiasse paintings include Three Figures, Danse Hassidique, and Symphony Pour Voyage. Theo Tobiasse auction prices are a sure sign of the recognition these pieces receive. Purchase vintage lithographs at online auction to capture a little piece of history.
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