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Sold at Auction: Mose Tolliver

Alias:Mose Ernest Tolliver


Artist Mose Tolliver (1920-2006), also known as Mose T, was an Alabama-born folk artist. Tolliver worked at a furniture factory until an accident in the 1960s left both his legs crushed. His inner drive to paint took over as he painted on anything he could get his hands on, from tabletops to old metal trays, and he sometimes created as many as 10 pieces a day. Mose Tolliver's art for sale was born.

Artist Mose Tolliver creates from the heart, and in his first published interview he said he was not interested in art, but just wanted to paint his pictures. Mose Tolliver's paintings include Self-portrait and Queen Love. Featured in a multitude of folk art collections, Mose Tolliver's paintings are also exhibited at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American Art. Purchase unique folk art paintings to bring intrigue and interest to your art collection. 
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