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Sold at Auction: Fernand Toussaint

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(b Brussels, 1873; d 1955) Belgian Painter. At the age of fifteen, Fernand Toussaint entered the Brussels Academy where he became the star pupil of Jean Portaels. He quickly showed his ability to excel in a variety of subjects from still life, landscapes and genre; and his balanced and expressionistic use of color separated him from his artistic contemporaries. Stylistically, he married the French Modernist tendencies with a lively impressionistic palette. Described by many critics and admirers as 'the unrivalled master of feminine grace and charm', it was his sensitive depictions of women either posed for portraits, or at their coiffeur or in conversation that earned Toussaint the most praise. Himself a member of local aristocracy, Toussiant was well versed in the regional fashion trends of the day and was very conscientious about what his sitters wore. He even kept 'an emergency wardrobe' at his studio. (Credit: Christie’s, New York, Ninteenth Century European Art, October 18, 2000, Lot 82)
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