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Sold at Auction: Vladimir Tretchikoff

Alias:Vladimir Griegorovich Tretchikoff


Artist Vladimir Tretchikoff,born in Russia, began his artistic career in advertising and graphic magazine work after moving to China. A self-taught painter, he eventually committed himself to that medium toward the end of WWII. He began exhibiting in 1946, a few years after moving to South Africa. Most of artist Vladimir Tretchikoff's paintings are detailed portraits of women or still life images. Many of his fans compare Vladimir Tretchikoff paintings to the work of icon Andy Warhol, as Tretchikoff's artwork also includes bold lines and vivid pops of color.

His 1952 painting Chinese Girl, with its subject's unique skin coloring, is regarded as one of the most reproduced artworks in the world; the original is held in a private collection in South Africa. Vladimir Tretchikoff prints and paintings for sale continue to draw buyers and admirers. Slow the busy routine of everyday life by reflecting on incredible still life paintings for sale online.
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