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Sold at Auction: Hsiao-Hsia Tsai Hobbs

Alias:Hsiao-Hsia Tsai HobbsHsia Tsai Hsiao Hobbs


Hsia was born in China, regrettably under the hardship of invasion, but ultimately was blessed by escape (although arduous) to the USA, which she so loved (especially Elvis). A grand artist of many mediums (particularly non-conforming abstraction) and of international recognition, she served as an inspiration to many, not only for her deep love and knowledge of art, but for the hardships she endured, resulting philosophies offered, her remarkable determination, and the rewards that her persistence earned. She blessed all who knew her with her unique and unconventional approach to living a full, artistic, and creative life. With her trademark boots, hat, bag, and brightly colored and painted attire, she was a well-loved sight in her adopted home of Corpus Christi. Ultimately successful in love, life, and accomplishment, she reached her highest dreams. We wish her now a sailor’s journey into the abstraction and freedom of the eternity of the seas. As Elvis so gently spoke, “Like a river flows, surely to the sea …”. Tsai is survived by her husband CC; her three children John, Jennifer, and Jeff and their spouses Nancy, Stephen, and Sharon; and their children Ashley, Jared, Jaime, David, and Eric. Our family expresses heart felt thanks and appreciation for the love and care received by Tsai from wonderful individuals at Buckner Villas. Certainly that love was returned.
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