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Timur Tsaku (1972-)

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  • Portrait. Timur Tsaku b. 1972

Timur Tsaku Biography

Timur Tsaku was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1972. After graduating from art school in 1987, he continued his education in the P.P. Ben’kov College majoring in theater direction and taught painting and sketching in the Tashkent Academy of Art and Theater. In 1991, Tsaku left for Israel, where he began working on Chayot HaKodesh (“The G-d’s Angels”) paintings, that were later combined into one of his most significant art series. This series made Tsaku famous in the art world, and especially among the American artists of the realism genre. He returned to Israel in 2001 to create biblically-inspired Israeli art.
In 2006 Tsaku started working on portraits of the Jewish holy men (Tsadikim). The virtuoso skill of his technique has helped to establish Tsaku as a true master of a portrait genre.
His portraits are characterized by their hyper-realistic style, and reflect a unique combination of artistic talent, black-and-white components and astounding technique of precision in the small details. The characters in his paintings take up the majority of the area of the pictures, with an abstract view in the background. Pictures of people and animals that he paints, using the "triple zero" paint brush and a magnifying glass, look almost like photographs. His successful virtuoso technique reflects the uniqueness, mood and character of the individual in a way that evokes pause. His works are so unique that the artist is immediately identifiable. His paintings arouse astonishment, combining hyper-realism and surrealism.
Beginning in 2011, Tsaku was commissioned to paint a portrait of Boris Yeltsin. He continues painting the official portraits of many of the Russian statesmen and diplomats.
His creations are displayed in the most prestigious art galleries in the United States, select collections in Israel, private collections of Russian president V.V. Putin, D.A. Medvedev, T.B. Yumashev, N.I. Yeltsin, M.S. Shaimiev, I.B. Primakov, E.M. Primakov, Jr, R.A. Kadyrov, R.G. Abdulatipov, V.A. Shamanov and many other Russian dignitaries.

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Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

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