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Born in 1965, artist Richard Tuff was highly successful working as a textile designer, after studying at the Winchester School of Art. Tuff's designs hit the textile industry in America, Europe, and Japan, with magazine covers and card designs following shortly after. In 1988, artist Richard Tuff moved to Cornwall to concentrate on painting. Cornish harbors and towns are the subject of most of his paintings, capturing the West Country and its coastline at it's best.

The harbors and bazaars of Morocco and the streets of Brazil, with their colors and lights, inspired many of painter Richard Tuff's artwork. His joy in the Cornwall scenes he paints shines out with rich, brilliant tones, as shown in many of Richard Tuff lithographs for sale. Seek the beauty of the world around you, and  create a superb classic collection of lithographs from Invaluable.
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