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Sold at Auction: Henry Scott Tuke

Alias:H. S. Tuke


Born in York in 1858, British artist Henry Scott Tuke belonged to the group of artists known as the Newlyn School, who depicted scenes from the Cornish fishing village of the same name. Tuke studied at the Slade School of Art in London, and went on to travel Europe on a scholarship. During this time his work was influenced by artists like Arthur Lemon and Jules Bastien-Lepage. An avid sailor, painter Henry Scott Tuke eventually purchased a boat that would become his studio, and began focusing his attention on outdoor scenes in Newlyn.Many of Henry Scott Tuke maritime paintings for sale portray bathers, usually nude children and young men, and picturesque landscapes of beaches and country life. While artist Tuke's nude paintings shocked his audience at first, his work eventually gained notoriety. Enliven your home by selecting collectible maritime and marine paintings at auction.
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