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Sold at Auction: Spencer Tunick

Alias:Spencer Tunic


With his photography, Spencer Tunick combines the presentation of the human body with complex performance. Born in 1967 in New York State, Tunick studied at Emerson College and went on to gain critical acclaim for his work. Spencer Tunick's nude photographs expose the conflict between identity and privacy, and he describes the human body as raw material that he works with in his shoots.

Spencer Tunick's photography often features hundreds of naked volunteers in various settings, both rural and urban, to highlight social and environmental issues. Spencer Tunick's C-type prints for sale include Buffalo 6, a shot taken inside Grand Central Station. C-type prints are made on light-sensitive paper, using a process that allows light from a bulb to pass through a color negative before going through the lens. Browse collections of unique C-type prints for sale to find quirky or traditional shots to round out your photographic home gallery.
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