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Sold at Auction: George (1843) Turner

Alias:George (1843) Turner
Landscape painter


Landscape artist George Turner was born in 1843, in Derbyshire, England. His hometown was a frequent subject of his artwork, and painter George Turner captured the lushness of the surrounding countryside in his most popular paintings of the area. The depth in his paintings gave the landscapes a 3D appearance, heightened further by his paint texturing. His sweeping landscapes of rolling hillsides are coveted among art enthusiasts for their realistic depictions. 

In 1860, artist George Turner exhibited his artwork at the Birmingham Society of Artists, and at London's Suffolk Street galleries. He later taught art for several years, and famous artists like David Payne were among his students. As recently as 1999, a George Turner landscape painting for sale, The Hay Harvest, sold at auction for over $22,000. Visit rural areas all over the world by viewing stunning landscape paintings for sale online.
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