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Sold at Auction: Nura Ulreich

Alias:Nura WoodsonNura Ulreich
Figure painterPainterIllustratorLithographer


Nura Woodson Ulreich was married to artist Eduard Burk Ulreich. Born "Norah", her husband's nickname for her was "Nura".

Ulreich attended Kansas City’s Art Institute, and took courses in Chicago and the Art Students’ League of N.Y. where she met her painter/husband, Eduard Burk Ulreich. At times they painted mural commissions together. When they did so they signed them Bukannura. Their studio was in Manhattan.

Nura was a New York illustrator of childrens’ books – the most famous perhaps is her lithographic images to her rare "Hay Foot Straw Foot" of 1930. In 1934 her illustrations for "The Buttermilk Tree" were privately printed. Her illustrations for children are charming, and appealing because they are so child-like, mysterious, light handed in conception and rendering. She illustrated at least six books.

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