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Sold at Auction: Maurice Utrillo

Alias:Maurice Valadon


Early 20th-century Paris was the chaotic incubator of modern art. Born into this tumult in 1883 as the fatherless son of a former circus acrobat, Maurice Utrillo lived the definition of "La Vie Boheme," a Bohemian life. In his youth, Utrillo's mother encouraged him to pursue art as an antidote to his alcoholism; advice he took enthusiastically. Maurice Utrillo's paintings of cities and landscapes highlight his self-taught skill in Post-Impressionism and Cubism techniques.

Maurice Utrillo paintings, prints, and lithographs number in the thousands, but his most popular come from his "white period," named for depictions of plaster walls lining bleached pathways. The value of Maurice Utrillo's prints has only increased since his death in 1955. Collectors can find vintage and modern lithographs for sale at auction and online.
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