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Known more for her life as a socialite, model, actress, writer, and fashion designer than for her abstract paintings, Gloria Vanderbilt has, nevertheless, always been an artist. Born into a wealthy and famous family, her turbulent life has been the focus of media attention since her paternal aunt, Gertrude Whitney, founder of the Whitney Museum, claiming her mother unfit, gained custody of ten-year-old Gloria. Her paintings are autobiographical, reflecting childhood loneliness and sorrow, but also filled with joy.

Gloria Vanderbilt's artwork and prints for sale were first exhibited in 1948, but her career centered on modeling, acting, and clothing design. Throughout four marriages and varied careers, she continued to paint. Her paintings were inspiration for her popular designs in textiles and fashion. New Gloria Vanderbilt abstract paintings, which she produced when in her 80's, and said were inspired by dreams, were featured in a solo show. Purchase vintage abstract prints from Invaluable and create a thought-provoking focal point in your living space.
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