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Dutch artist Loet Vanderveen is best known for his bronze animal sculptures. Vanderveen was born in 1921 in Rotterdam, Holland, but was forced to flee after the Germans bombed his homeland in 1940. Following his service in the RAF and the end of World War II, Vanderveen moved to America, eventually settling in California.

Although he began his artistic career working with ceramics, it wasn’t until Vanderveen switched to bronze that he emerged into the international spotlight. Loet Vanderveen's sculptures are celebrated for their lifelike qualities because they accurately capture the form and movement of his animal subjects. His work appears in many esteemed collections, and several of his pieces are permanent fixtures in museums around the globe. Because of their outstanding quality, prices of Loet Vanderveen sculptures continue to increase. Invaluable is proud to offer Vanderveen pieces, as well as many other vintage animal sculptures for sale.
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