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The urge to paint was so strong in Native American artist Donald Vann that he went great lengths to construct paintbrushes and melt crayons for colors because his parents couldn't afford the art tools needed to develop his craft. Alongside a grade school teacher who paid Vann for his help on an art project, his grandfathers, one a Medicine man and the other with a lifelong interest in nature, inspired Vann to pursue his passion for painting professionally.

Artist and painter Donald Vann found a mentor in Jerome Tiger, a Creek-Seminole painter who helped establish the esthetic and style of his airbrushed paintings. Exhibited throughout America and abroad, Vann's paintings prominently display his Cherokee culture in mesmerizing subtle hues and delicate lines. Donald Vann Native American lithographs for sale include paintings of majestic animals on the plains of Oklahoma. Purchase regional lithographs at Invaluable and show off your love of indigenous cultures.
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