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Alberto Vargas' paintings were fundamental in establishing the now well-known image of a "pin-up". Born in Peru in 1896, he helped his photographer father in his studio as a child and learned the trade as well as training his own artistic talent. Vargas studied in Europe but it was his time in New York that really shaped his work. 

Alberto Vargas' paintings are largely inspired by the American models and showgirls of the 1920s and he sensitively portrays the beauty of these women in his work. Alberto Vargas' prints often feature his wife, Anna Mae Clift, who was a showgirl when they met. Alberto Vargas' artwork was often shown in Playboy magazine, where he had many successful years of partnership until the death of his wife in 1974. If you're looking to add other tasteful and provocative art to your collection, discover the stunning array of vintage nude paintings online at Invaluable. 
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