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Sold at Auction: Ravi Varma

Alias:Raja Ravi Varma


Ravi Varma's paintings broke the mold for Indian Art in the 19th century as he used oils and a more European style in his paintings. Ravi Varma was an artist for the court in Travancore, being born into an upper-class Indian family. Paintings by Ravi Varma show the influence of his art tutor, Theodore Jensen, and combine Realism and Naturalism with Indian mythology. Raja Ravi Varma's oleographs were made widely available to the public and not just the elite; this was so important to him that in 1894 he created his own press for reproducing his work.

Artist Ravi Varma's paintings received multiple awards and have been exhibited widely. He rose to become an important figure at court, painting portraits of the Indian royal family and foreign diplomats. Bring interest into your home with similarly exquisite oil paintings available at Invaluable.
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